I'm using a Map<String, String> in one of our DomainObjects which is stored in 
one column of this class.
This is the definition:
//region > requestHeaders (collection)
private Map<String, String> requestHeaders = Maps.newHashMap();

@MemberOrder(sequence = "2.0")
@CollectionLayout(named = "request headers", render = RenderType.EAGERLY)
@Persistent(defaultFetchGroup = "true")
public Map<String, String> getRequestHeaders() {
    return requestHeaders;

private void setRequestHeaders(final Map<String, String> requestHeaders) {
    this.requestHeaders = requestHeaders;

Now I want to display the content of the Map in the UI. Currently it shows me:
Request Headers               Untitled Hash Map

Where "Untitled Hash Map" is a clickable object but when I click on it I'm 
forwarded to the start page.

Is there any possibility to get this working with HashMap?

Thanks Timothy

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