​ isis list members​

I'm newby with isis and also with eclipse and java so please don't mind if
my questions seems stupid. DDD is very interesting, so I
​want to ​
give it a try.

Dan explained in a video how to start with eclipse
​ by importing the archetype​
. Following the step
I got the following errors.
​ See the screeshoots.

[image: Szövegközi kép 1]
[image: Szövegközi kép 2]

After refonfiguring the java compiler compliance level in each project to
the workspace default, which is 1.7 (jdk 1.8.0_101) still there are errors.
Most are with the pom files and one with the SimpleObjectTest. The
suggested "Maven->Update Project or use Quick Fix" doesn't fix it.

[image: Szövegközi kép 3]

Thanks in advance for any help,

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