Hi all.

I'm currently investigating Jackrabbit and am very new to it so please
forgive me if these questions are obvious.

Logically I have a "Contract" that has a bit of meta data (e.g. id) and
maybe a pdf file associated with it.

I set up a TransientRepository and added a node for each "Contract" with a
unique path. I then set a property on this node called id with the
associated string value of the id:

node.setProperty("id", "123")

I have a lot of these (about 200000) and when I do a search on the id using:

"SELECT * FROM [nt:unstructured] WHERE id = '123'

it seems to take longer than I would expect.

1) So my first question is, is there an index on my id property by default?
If not, how do I add an index to it?

If the "Contract" has a pdf file associated with it, at the moment I'm just
adding a BinaryValue to the same node:

node.setProperty("pdfFile", new BinaryValue(pdfInputStream))

2) My next question is, does the pdf file get indexed such that I can search
for text inside it? If not how can I add it in such a way that it does? Once
it has been, what is the SQL2 to query for the string "test"?

Many thanks for help anyone can provide.

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