We are pleased to announce Apache Jena 2.7.1, the first Apache release of Jena as a top level project, together with Jena Fuseki 0.2.2.

The website for Apache Jena is


== Mailing lists

The new list name is  users@jena.apache.org
Send email to  users-subscr...@jena.apache.org  to subscribe.

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== About This Release

Download Mirrors:

Master site:

NB change of URL and change of layout of the distribution area

= File Downloads

The main download files are:

.tar.gz forms are also available.

These include Jena, ARQ and all dependent jars.

= Maven artifacts

Jena is also distributed as artifacts available in the maven central repositories.


Artifacts in this release:

org.apache.jena  jena-core      2.7.1
org.apache.jena  jena-arq       2.9.1
org.apache.jena  jena-iri       0.9.1
org.apache.jena  jena-tdb       0.9.1
org.apache.jena  jena-parent    1



The Fuseki release is also in maven.

for full details.

==== Release Notes

== Jena 2.7.1

+ Fix timezone calculation during transition to/from DST.  (JENA-247)
+ Rename c.h.h.j.graph.Query as c.h.h.j.graph.GraphQuery (not related to SPARQL)
+ remove out-of-date resultSet vocabulary class
+ icu4j dependency removed (JENA-177)
+ xml / xmlns namespaces issues on write fixed (JENA-24)

== ARQ 2.9.1

+ SPARQL 1.1: STRBEFORE and STRAFTER return simple empty string on no match.
+ Stop multiple SERVICE calls locking Fuseki up (JENA-248)
+ (internal) DatasetPrefixStorage : change removeFromPrefixMap(String, String, String) to removeFromPrefixMap(String, String)
+ Changes for BINDINGS (SPARQL 1.1) - align with SPARQL-WG
  Now called VALUES : slight syntax changes.
  VALUES can be inline data as part of a query pattern.
+ Comprehensive support for date/time/durations operations (JENA-235)
+ Property path syntax revised to align with current SPARQL
  No {...} forms in SPARQL query engine (available in ARQ language)
+ Property path semantics revised to align with current SPARQL
  *, + and ? are connectivity/non-counting
+ New property path evaluation engine framework.
+ Bug fix: DISTINCT might not be distinct (JENA-211)
+ QueryEngineHttp has configuration options (JENA-210)
+ Add function "StrUUID" which returns a UUID string (c.f. "UUID()" for a UUID as a URI of form <urn:uuid:....>)
  Also available as afn:struuid() and afn:uuid() for strict syntax.
+ Add UpdateExecutionFactory.createRemote(...) for remote execution of SPARQL Update (JENA-197)
+ Allow users to specify query parameters in SERVICE
  Allow the context to include a set of parameters add to SERVICE requests
+ SPARQL 1.1: Complete scope tracking of variables (JENA-142)
+ SPARQL/Trutle alignment: Prefix names can contain ':' unescaped. No escape for ':'
+ Faster writing of XML and JSON results formats (JENA-178)
+ Support for SERVICE with additional parameters (JENA-195)

== TDB 0.9.1

+ (JENA-252) Fix multithreaded interaction transitioning to transactional mode
+ (JENA-250) Fix lack of sync transitioning to transactional mode
+ Added tdbloader3 (i.e. a pure Java version of tdbloader2) (JENA-117)
+ Bug fix: Graph.size() reports '0' for TDB "urn:x-arq:UnionGraph" (JENA-222) + Bug fix: Illegal UTF-8 could corrupt the node table. Use binary-safe encoder/decoder (JENA-225)
+ Bug fix: (JENA-230)

== Fuseki 0.2.2

+ This version picks up bug fixes from TDB and ARQ.
  This includes problems with concurrent operations.

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