Hi Luis,

SPARQL queries use Var, a sub-class of Node_Variable, as returned by NodeFactory.createVariable.


Var s = Var.alloc("movie") ;


Var s = Var.alloc(Node_Variable) ;

to downcast.

Var.alloc(var) ;

is safe.


On 22/09/16 17:01, Luis Daniel Ibáñez González wrote:

I am extracting the subjects,predicates and objects in queries in log by
using this handy snippet here [1]. My goal is to compare them with other
sets of Nodes coming from other sources.
However, the .equals between the Node coming from the snippet and a Node
created with NodeFactory is not working as expected. Roughly:

Node var = NodeFactory.createVariable("movie");
QueryStr = "SELECT ?movie WHERE {?movie .......}" ;
Got the subjects of the query with [1], that is, a set containing the
variable '?movie' (let's call it 'sub')

My issue is that sub.equals(var) is false when I expected the opposite.

What I'm missing here?

I'm attaching a minimal test case for those keen to execute it.


P.S. ARQ 3.1.0 from maven repo on Java 8, if it matters.


Ing. Luis Daniel Ibáñez G.

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