Javed, can't you try it out and see whether the expected result will be
generated? Isn't this the fastest way compared to asking for response on
mailing list which might be much slower? And nobody here knows your
ontology, thus, we cannot say whether there is something wrong.
Obviously, your rule checks whether AI_Score is large than the others,
and if so assigns a student to the corresponding subject.
> I have Student ontology in which students have three subjects and scores
> they have in exams. I want to assign students to a property
> "FavioriteSubject" based on their scores. Is this rule Ok to achieve my
> goal here?
> ?x rdf:type std:Student + ?x std:Robotics_Score ?Robotics + ?x
> std:Research_Score ?Research + ?x std:AI_Score ?AI +
> greaterThan(?Robotics,?Research)^greaterThan(?Robotics, ?AI) -->
> ?x std:FavioriteSubject std:Robotics.
> std:Robotics will be an instance in my ontology.
Lorenz B├╝hmann
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