Try running the pattern with "SELECT *" not as a CONSTRUCT. Thiswil show how many rows go intot he contruct and that's an indication of any unconnected parts in the query pattern.

"SELECT (count(*) as ?COUNT)" is also useful.


On 17/10/16 15:49, Bardo Nelgen wrote:

Clarified the example structure.

On 17/10/2016 13.40 Uhr, Bardo Nelgen wrote:

Hi all,

I am running attached CONSTRUCT query on Fuseki 2.4.0on a littletest
graph of about 2,200 triples.

But it takes around 16s to process an get the (desired…) result.

Is this caused by the query construct’s complexity or did I
accidentally miss any unnecessary recursion or n-ary in that code ?

Actually tried to keep it as plain simple as possible for the test run.

And, as always, thanks for any hint.



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