Hi Jena enthusiasts,

I'd like to let you all know that new versions of marklogic-jena are available.

The 1.0.2 and 3.0.2 releases are much improved with regard to graph modification
(adding and removing triples from graphs).  Thanks to Andy for helping me
understand the internals of  GraphView.

MarkLogic is an enterprise-grade multi-model document-oriented database that
also provides support for RDF triples and graphs, SPARQL 1.1, and backward-
chaining inference.  marklogic-jena allows jena users to treat MarkLogic as a
DatasetGraph.  The MarkLogicDatasetGraph implementation also provides access
to a security model for graphs, and the ability to mix SPARQL queries with other
kinds of search.

marklogic-jena 1.0.2 depends on jena 2 and marklogic-jena 3.0.2 depends on Jena 
These releases are intended for use with MarkLogic Server 8.0-6, which has also 
just been

Available on github, and maven central



Thanks all, feel free to reach out on github with feedback, bugs, complaints
and wishlist items.


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