You can unsubscribe for the list. The archives are separate.

However, you must be subscribed to send to the list. This is an anti-spam measure and also a legal matter - any content sent to the list is assumed to be open source and reusable.

The web archives I linked to are open.
Run by Apache,.
Run by a 3rd party (MarkLogic).

There are others.


On 13/01/17 10:44, Sandor Kopacsi wrote:
Thanks Andy, it is perfect!

Do I have to subscribe to this list, too, or just to log in? In case of
log in, if I use my Google account which connected to a different e-mail
address, that I used so far in this list, should I re-subscribe?

And is it possible to select "not receiving" mails any more, just
reading and writing to ?


Am 13.01.2017 um 11:34 schrieb Andy Seaborne:

On 13/01/17 10:06, Sandor Kopacsi wrote:
Dear List-owners,

Due to the high number of the mails arriving to this list, I kindly ask
if there is a possibility to access the conversations through the web,
like at the Google group of Skosmos Users, where I can check only those
questions and answers, that are relevant to me.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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