What is the question now?

A SPARQL CONSTRUCT query does graph pattern matching the the WHERE part
similar to a SELECT query. The difference is that the result will be an
RDF graph resp. a set of RDF triples.

> Hello.
> I am not sure if the Sparql Construct query work works the same like we add
> a statement using Rdf API?
> I have read an example which shows: ?x :hascapital ?y which outputs several
> triples. The article then used Construct query as
> Construct { ?y :capitalOf ?x}
> WHERE { ?x :hascapital ?y }
> So simply it has added statements, which we could easily add using Rdf. I
> am sure Construct query will do more smart works but I have no idea at this
> particular time.
> Thank you.
Lorenz B├╝hmann
AKSW group, University of Leipzig
Group: http://aksw.org - semantic web research center

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