Part of the problem is this:

EntityDefinition entMap =
   new EntityDefinition("uri", "text", rdfs + "label");

The third argument as a string is the graph field. You wnat to sue a Node here of the 4 argument form:

Node pred = makeUri(rdfs + "label");
EntityDefinition entMap = new EntityDefinition("uri", "text", "graph", pred);

then I'm not sure that multiple use of the "text" field for different predicates works. The code has

public void set(String field, Node predicate) {
        predicateToField.put(predicate, field) ;
        // Add uniquely.
        Collection<Node> c = fieldToPredicate.get(field) ;
        if (c == null || !c.contains(predicate))
            fieldToPredicate.put(field, predicate) ;

so if field has been used, fieldToPredicate is not changed.


On 05/08/17 21:27, Jean-Marc Vanel wrote:
This is done !


2017-08-04 19:38 UTC+02:00, Andy Seaborne <>:

On 30/07/17 11:05, Jean-Marc Vanel wrote:
I can help you with compile and run the test in Scala, or even translate
in Java,
or any other help :) .

java would help - I've had to remove my scala/eclipse environment.


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