Seems to be JENA-1378 (fixed).

I recreated it using 3.4.0 and it then works for me with Jena master branch.


On 08/08/17 11:12, Jean-Marc Vanel wrote:

I'm upgrading my app. to Jena 3.4.0 , and there is a regression
reading .

org.apache.jena.riot.RiotException: Failed to determine the content
type: (URI= : stream=text/html)
   at org.apache.jena.riot.RDFParser.parseURI(
   at org.apache.jena.riot.RDFParser.parse(
   at org.apache.jena.riot.RDFParserBuilder.parse(
   at org.apache.jena.riot.RDFDataMgr.parseFromURI(
   at org.apache.jena.riot.RDFDataMgr.loadGraph(

And with Jena 3.3.0 , it gives :

res0: org.apache.jena.graph.Graph =  {foaf:knows
@ "stable";
foaf:knows @rdfs:range foaf:Person; foaf:knows @rdfs:label "knows";
foaf:knows @rdfs:isDefinedBy foaf:; foaf:knows @rdfs:domain
foaf:Person; foaf:knows @rdfs:comment "A person known by this person
(indicating some level of reciprocated interaction between the
parties)."; foaf:knows @rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty; foaf:knows
@rdf:type rdf:Property; foaf:firstName
@ "testing";
foaf:firstName @rdfs:range rdfs:Literal; foaf:firstName @rdfs:label
"firstName"; foaf:firstName @rdfs:isDefinedBy foaf:; foaf:firstName
@rdfs:domain foaf:Person; foaf:firstName @rdfs:comment "The first name
of a person."; foaf:firstName @rdf:type o...

This is related to my previous (fixed) issue about RDFDataMgr

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