Hi Folks,

Over on the SWEET ontology suite [0] we recently changed out canonical
serialization to TTL. Additionally however, we removed all file suffixes
from the resources themselves, therefore although the following resource
[1] is serialized as TTL, you would never know unless you looked at it or
peeked into the server response.

I am experiencing issues when I attempt to load the SWEET 'master' file
[2], which essentially produces a graph by importing every file within the
ontology suite. The code I use to do this is as follows.

((OntModel) m).read(url, null, lang); //Where lang is the string "TTL" or
"TURTLE" depending on previous logic.

The stack trace I get is as follows [3]

As you can see it loads the sweetAll file correctly but chokes on the
imported resource http://sweetontology.net/realmSoil, which is also a TTL
serialization but with no file suffix. The stack trace indicates that an
attempt is being made to parse the resource as RDF/XML... which in this
case is incorrect.

Any hints on how to override/define this behaviour?

Another related question, the large stack trace I receive from the above
parsing activity seems to also indicate that the OntModel.read logic
randomly processes imports when processing a resource such as [2]. Is this

Thanks for any hits folks, I appreciate it.

[0] http://sweetontology.net
[1] http://sweetontology.net/reprDataProduct
[2] http://sweetontology.net/sweetAll
[3] https://paste.apache.org/vLt8


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