Maybe the best way to proceed is to put a script in now so it gets picked up in the next release and not worry too much about the details but instead mark it "experimental" or "template to start from".

We can discuss details we know about but often its the things other users have in their systems that generate concerns we can not know.

Great tutorial!


On 02/03/18 14:42, Neubert, Joachim wrote:
+1 for inclusion, and for consideration of more FHS compatible directory 
layout, too.



lines in Osmas script makes the environment settings quite clear. However, I'm 
not sure if these completely override the settings in /etc/default/fuseki.

Setting FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE should work.
If /etc/default/fuseki is leaking through that's a bug.
Or we ough to advise not having /etc/default/fuseki and put the setting in the script.

FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE defaults are supposed to be something simple and not prescriptive.

The path in


unfortunately cannot be replaced by $FUSEKI_HOME ("Executable path is not absolute" - 

If published as part of the docs, the memory setting should probably be


perhaps with a hint on how it should increase with total memory size.

Another sentence in could 
clarify: "For newer systemd based Linux systems, the script 'fuseki.service' is 
provided. Please adapt to your paths and settings."

Cheers, Joachim

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ajs6f kirjoitti 02.03.2018 klo 16:01:
  > Is this worth including in the distribution as a file, or maybe just in
"README"-type docs?

I think it would be worth including - after some consideration perhaps.
There is already an old-style sysv init script in the Fuseki distribution after 

However, I would like some discussion first about what the proper way is to
install Fuseki as a system level service on a typical Linux machine.
As you can see from the tutorial I linked to from my previous message, it's
currently a bit cumbersome to make it comply to the FHS. Naturally the chosen
directory layout also affects the systemd unit file.


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