On 10.03.18 00:36, Andy Seaborne wrote:

Hi Andy,

> Executes in 2m 20s (java8) for me (and 1m 49s with java9 which is .
> Default heap which is IIRC 25% of RAM or 8G. Cold JVM, cold file cache.

wow, did you do that with TDB commandline tools? Default heap in terms
of default settings of Fuseki?

> If you have an 8G machine, an 8G heap may cause problems (swapping).

I have 16 gigs on my local system.

> Does the CPU load go up very high, on all cores? That's a sign of a full
> GC trying to reclaim space before a OOME.

yes that's exactly what is happening. What is OOME?

> If you get the same with TDB2, then the space isn't going in
> transactions in TDB1.

not sure what that means but ok :)



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