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Coming back to this to address some thing I missed before

On 2018/03/07 08:57:47, Dave Reynolds <dave.e.reyno...@gmail.com> wrote: 

> OntModels use a somewhat older stack of tools (FileManager) which 
> guesses the language based on the suffix, with a default of RDF/XML, and 
> then relies on content negotiation to deliver the guessed format. Since 
> your resources don't support conneg 

The resources do. For example, SWEET is served with conneg as per the following
http://sweetontoligy.net/sweetAll (returns default TTL)
http://sweetontoligy.net/sweetAll.ttl (explicitly returns TTL)
http://sweetontoligy.net/sweetAll.rdf (returns non-default RDFXML)

> and don't support RDF/XML (the 
> official default) that's not going to work.

Ths issue I see is that even if I return the following ontology 
(http://sweetontoligy.net/sweetAll.rdf) resource as RDFXML, the imports 
contained within this resource e.g. http://sweetontology.net/relaHuman are 
parsed as RDFXML when they should be parsed as TTL e.g. the default 

> One option might be to create a subclass of FileManager which overrides 
> readModelWorker to either load the data via the newer RDFDataMgr which 
> has more sophisticated conneg support, or to change the default syntax 
> to Turtle. Then install that FileManager in the OntDocumentManager you 
> use for your loading.

Yes, I can see from the stack trace that FileManager is being called as follows

        at org.apache.jena.util.FileManager.readModel(FileManager.java:342)
        at org.apache.jena.util.FileManager.readModel(FileManager.java:326)

This in turn invokes readers expecting XML input, which is not the case... 
I'll go ahead and implement the suggested fx as above.
Thanks again,

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