we have an ontology editor that stores ontologies and their terms in a
triplestore. On the other end, they are being loaded by OntDocumentManager.

The question is: what is the proper way to clear and reload an ontology and
its imports in OntDocumentManager?

Because, for example, a user could totally change owl:imports statements of
an ontology, and we need this feature to be able to reload a completely new
OntModel without any old imported submodels.

Right now I'm simply doing the following:

  OntDocumentManager.getInstance().addModel(ontologyURI, infModel);
  OntModel ontModel = OntDocumentManager.getInstance().getOntology(ontologyURI,

But this is not enough, because doing ontModel.listImportedOntologyURIs()
lists all the old imports from before.

Am I getting this right and what needs to be done to reload the imports as

I can see there is a concept of dynamic imports in OntModel, but not sure
it's related.


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