On 11/07/18 10:00, Myungjin Lee wrote:
Thank you for your help.

As you know, there are several triple stores such as Virtuoso, AllegroGraph,
and so forth.
So I want to develop Jena base interfaces for different triple stores.
I know that some triple stores already support Jena, but some triple stores
that are not famous only support SPARQL endpoint.

Have you looked at Jena's RDFConnection?

For these triple stores, I need some classes that implements Jena
It is one of classes and methods to return NodeIterator from SPARQL result.

I thought there are, maybe, a simple way to create NodeIterator from
But your code is a good solution for me.

Thank you.

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A NodeIterator for what? A ResultSet wraps an iterator of QuerySolution
objects, each of which contains the mapping of a variable name to the
corresponding RDF resource (if bound). Thus, each QuerySolution can wrap a
set of nodes...

Clearly, you could generate a wrapping iterator by yourself. Just implement
the NodeIterator interface and the corresponding methods. The constructor
indeed should take the ResultSet and a variable name as arguments (if you
want all nodes for each QuerySolution, it'S also
possible) - the rest is straightforward Java coding.

Untested stub:

class ResultSetWrappingNodeIterator implements NodeIterator {

final ResultSet rs;

final String varName;

ResultSetWrappingNodeIterator(ResultSet rs, String varName) {

    this.rs = rs;

    this.varName = varName;


public RDFNode next() {

    return rs.next().get(varName).asNode();




On 11.07.2018 07:27, Myungjin Lee wrote:

I have a question. I am developing small application with Jena and ARQ.

Is it possible to create NodeIterator instance from SPARQL result?

In Jena and ARQ APIs, SPARQL query(qexec.execSelect() method) returns
an instance of ResultSet interface.

But I want to create a method that returns NodeIterator instance after
executing SPARQL query like below.

public NodeIterator getObjects(Resource s, Property p) {

            String queryString = "SELECT ?o WHERE { <" + s.getURI() +
"> <" +
p.getURI() + "> ?o . }";

            Query query = QueryFactory.create(queryString);

            QueryExecution qexec =
QueryExecutionFactory.sparqlService("SPARQL_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS", query);

            ResultSet results = qexec.execSelect();

            NodeIterator ni = ??? // to create NodeIterator instance
from ResultSet

            return ni;


Is it possible?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Myungjin Lee

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