Kafka uses murmur2 key hashing by default. You can also create your own custom 
partitioner. The partitioner can be set on per producer / consumer basis.
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so Zookeeper will select which broker it should direct the message to if I have
3 brokers and 3 partitions of a topic?
I only finished the benchmarks of Kafka and NSQ and still working NATS Streaming
Server (one more day I will finish it). But so far Kafka had a great throughput
with Java Client about 55000 messages per second(receive throughput) and 70K
messages per second(sendthrougput)each message size is 1KB. so yeah something
wrong with node.js client
NSQ was ~ 3K receive throughput and~4K send throughput
one thing about my NSQ benchmark is first of all I am new to Go and I have the
following code (pasting only the lines that are relevant). I just dont know if
w.Publish  is a blocking call? If it is a blocking call I have to see if the
library offers any non-blocking async call since the java version I wrote for
Kafka was async. That way I am comparing apples to apples
w, _ := nsq.NewProducer("", config) for i := 0; i<500000; i++
{    err := w.Publish("nsq_go_test", []byte(data))    if err != nil {     
log.Panic("Could not connect")    }  }
>From what I heard beating NATS is going to be harder but I rather run my own
experiment than going with what I heard. Also it

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 1:38 AM, Ali Akhtar ali.rac...@gmail.com
You can create multiple partitions of a topic and kafka will attempt to

distribute them evenly.

E.g if you have 3 brokers and you create 3 partitions of a topic, each

broker will be the leader of 1 of the 3 partitions.

P.S how did the benchmarking go?

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 1:36 PM, kant kodali  wrote:

> can one topic be registered in multiple brokers? if so, which component of

> kafka decides which broker should get the message for that particular

> topic?

> Thanks!

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