Is it possible to start 0.9 or 0.10 consumers from a specified offset, while 
still using consumer groups with dynamic re-balancing? 

Here is what have found so far: 
Case 1: If we use consumer.assign(…)  method to manually assign partitions to 
consumers - we can do all below actions: 
consumer.seek(<specificPartition>, <myCustomOffset>); or: 

Basically, we have full control over which position to start the consumer from, 
BUT at the expense of not having the partition re-assignment done dynamically 
by Kafka 

Case 2: If we use consumer.subscribe(…)  method  - Kafka will manage the 
re-ballancing, however, we cannot do any of the three options above … :( 
So, we tried the following to “hack” around it - at the consumer start up time, 
*before* entering the poll() loop: 

// get coordinator from the private field of the consumer: 
ConsumerCoordinator coordinator = (ConsumerCoordinator) 
FieldUtils.readField(consumer, "coordinator", true); 
// make sure all partitions are already  
// get the list of partitions assigned to this specific consumer: 
Set<TopicPartition> assignedTopicPartitions = consumer.assignment() 
// now we can go ahead and do the same three actions (seek(), sequined() or 
seekToBeginning()) on those partitions only for this consumer as above. 
for (TopicPartition assignedPartition: assignedTopicPartitions) { 
     consumer.seek(<assignedPartition>, <myCustomOffset>) // or whatever
// now start the poll() loop:
while (true) { 
     ConsumerRecords<String, String> records = consumer.poll(pollIntervalMs); 
     for (ConsumerRecord<String, String> record : records) { 
          // processMessage(record.value(), record.offset()); 

This feels too hack-y for my taste, and, also, I am not sure if this logic will 
hold during the actual re-balancing , when, say, new consumers are added to the 

Could somebody validate this approach or suggest a better way to accomplish 
what we need ? 



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