Other question:   if account of consumer over broker number, whether loss data? 
   if some broker rebooted, whether loss data? 


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One common issue of lost messages is that consumer auto-committing (related 
config is "auto.commit.enabled", "commit.interval.ms"): from the Kafka consumer 
point of view, once the messages are returned from the "poll" call they are 
considered "consumed", and if committing offsets is called it will set the 
offset to the last message's offset. So if you have some exceptions / errors in 
the middle of processing some of your consumed records, upon restarting they 
will not be re-fetched again, hence possibly causing "data loss" on your end.

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 3:33 AM,  <yangy...@sina.com> wrote:
Hi Guozhang,
At first, thank you answer my question, and give me some suggest.But, I'm sure 
I readed some introduction about kafka.
In my producer, My Code is( c code):res = rd_kafka_conf_set(kafka_conf, 
"request.required.acks", "-1", NULL, 0);res = rd_kafka_topic_conf_set( 
topic_conf, "produce.offset.report", "true", errstr, sizeof(errstr) );
In my consumer, My Code is(kafka-python):
                self.__consumer = KafkaConsumer( 
                for message in self.__consumer:

I think these codes is common, What's your suggest about these codes?
In the end, I must explain: Lost message is not often, some time, couple days 
can find one or two lost messages.But some day, maybe can find over 20 messages 
were losted.Our message over 1,200,000 in one day.  
So, do your have any suggest?Bye the way, can you speak Chinese? Thank you very 
much & Best wishesJerry


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Message lost scenarios usually are due to producer and consumer mis-configured. 
Have you read about the client configs web docs?


If not I'd suggest you reading those first and see if you can tune some of 
these configs to have better delivery guarantees.

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 9:48 PM,  <yangy...@sina.com> wrote:
Hello every body,I build a kafka cluster(include 5 domains) use 
kafka_2.11- and kafka-python-1.3.1.I create a topic by 100 partitions 
and 2 replicate, then use 20 consumers to receive message.

But, I found sometime the kafka lost message! I found some partition's offsite 
lost at consumer.After, I make a global index for every message from producer 
for confirm this problem, and I also found the global index had been break!

Why the kafka lost message?  What can I do to fix the problem?



-- Guozhang

-- Guozhang

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