I use Kafka 0.10 with ZK 3.4.6 and my consumers' offsets aren't stored in the 
__consumer_offsets topic but in ZK instead.

That happens whether I let the consumer commit automatically, or commit 
manually with enable.auto.commit set to false.
Same behavior with `offsets.storage=kafka`, which isn't surprising as this 
configuration value is dropped in 0.10.

`kafka-console-consumer --topic __consumer_offsets --zookeeper 
localhost:/kafka-exp --bootstrap-server localhost:9092` shows nothing while my 
program is committing offsets.
Not sure it matters, but I consume the topic using a Spark 2.0.0 app.

Is there anything specific I should do to store consumers' offsets in a Kafka 
topic instead of ZooKeeper?

Thank you for you help!


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