I don't see why you couldn't.  InfluxDB's Telegraph 
(https://docs.influxdata.com/telegraf/v1.0/) has  plugin to read from Kafka.  
You could use Spark or Kafka streams to do custom aggregation.


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I am so new to Kafka and really liked it further to its name.

I have a distributed search application. Search requests come to one of my 
search service (each of them is a Spring Boot application). I want to report 
query per second and document per second rates.

So, I think that Kafka can be a good fit for it. I want to publish metrics like 
that and aggregate that metrics and also publish it to other services as like a 
system monitoring tool.

My question is: Is Kafka a right choice for my approach and how can I implement 
it (should I use Kafka Streams too for my target).

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