I am running Confluent Connect HdfsSinkConnector on some Avro data
generated from a Kafka Streams application in a Kafka topic. The whole
stuff Confluent Connect, Confluent Kafka and HDFS run on Mesos DC/OS. The
Kafka part is of version Confluent Kafka 3.2.2, which is Apache Kafka

The problem that I am facing is that the Confluent Connect process gets
terminated frequently without any exception or error. I am attaching 2
sample stdout and stderr files from one of the sessions. No exception
recorded - only the stderr file contains this as the last line ..

W0808 16:40:25.840306 11120 logging.cpp:91] RAW: Received signal SIGTERM
> from process 2935 of user 0; exiting

As soon as the process terminates, Marathon restarts it, possibly on a
different node and the process continues generating Avro files, but there
must be something wrong somewhere which I am not able to figure out.

any suggestions as to what I should look for ?


Debasish Ghosh

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