I have installed kafka_2.11- and using java to create producer and

 I have 3 brokers server running on the same unix machine .

I created a topic with 3 partition with a replication factor of 2.

 I started a very simple producer with key/value as auto incrementing

 I have one consumer running and it consumes data appropriately from all
the partitions.

 Now I kill one of the broker server manually using kill command. At this
point the consumer stops consuming but the producer is able to send

 When I run the consumer-group command I get the below error:

 *Error: Executing consumer group command failed due to The consumer group
command timed out while waiting for group to initialize:*

 If I start the broker server again then the consumer starts consuming
message from the point the broke was stopped.

Any help is appreciated!



Thanks & Regards
Rakesh Singh

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