I've implemented a forwarding consumer which literally just consumes the
messages from a source topic, logs them and then publishes them to a target

I wanted to keep the implementation simple with very little code so I went
with kafka-streams. I have a really simple topology with a source for the
source topic, a sink for the target topic and a logging processor

I'm quite happy with the solution, really simple and elegant, I ran some
basic tests and everything seemed to be working. As I went on to build more
test cases, I found that the stream only does its thing if I push messages
to the source topic *after* creating the stream and waiting until it is
fully initialized. Is this the expected behaviour? I need the stream to be
started at any point in time and forward the messages that were buffered on
the source topic until then. Are kafka-streams not fit for this use case?
Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


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