Hi kafka users,

I created a filtering stream with the Processor API;  input topic that have 
input rate at ~5 records per millisecond.  The filtering function on average 
takes 0.05milliseconds to complete which in ideal case would translate to 
(1/0.05)  20 records per millisecond.  However, when I benchmark the whole 
process, the streams is only processing 0.05 record per milliseconds.

Anyone have any idea on how to tune the steaming system to be faster as 0.05 
record is very far away from the theoretical max of 20?  The results above are 
per partition based where I have 16 partition for the input topic and all 
partitions have similar throughput.

I've only set the streams to have the following config:
        Properties config = new Properties();
        config.put(StreamsConfig.APPLICATION_ID_CONFIG, appId);
        config.put(StreamsConfig.BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS_CONFIG, bootstrap);
        config.put(StreamsConfig.STATE_DIR_CONFIG, stateDir);
        config.put(StreamsConfig.COMMIT_INTERVAL_MS_CONFIG, 50);

I'm not defining TimeExtractor so the default one is used.

Thanks for any help in advance.



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