What version to you use?

Kafka Streams should be able to keep running while you restart you
brokers. If not, it seems to be a bug in Kafka Streams itself.


On 2/3/18 7:39 PM, dizzy0ny wrote:
> Hi,We have a recurring problem that I wonder if there is a better way to 
> solve.  Currently when we restart our backed Kafka services and then our 
> datastreams app, the app is unable to reach many of the Kafka topic state 
> stores. We currently retry, but more often than not, it requires a restart of 
> the app to clear up.
> I think this is because perhaps a partition leader has not been elected when 
> the app starts.  Two questions
> 1. Is there a good way to know when a partition leader has been elected such 
> that our restart script can wait2. Is it possible to have the app 
> deterministically wait/retry until the stores are ready?  As mentioned, we 
> have retry logic for up to 200 tries with a few seconds sleep in between, but 
> it seems in some cases we have restart the app as the retries get exceeded.
> Thanks for any assistance

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