Hi Reema,

if your departments have access to Zookeeper then there probably is not
much you can do about them accessing data on other departments topics. I
assume that you have enabled Zookeeper ACLs, but even with those in place,
the topic metadata is world readable, so listing topics can be done by
anyone who has access to Zookeeper.

If your departments can only access the Kafka nodes themselves then the
DESCRIBE action on Topics is I believe what you are looking for, without an
ACL in place to grant this, the topic should not be listed in Metadata

I hope that helps, if you need more information let us know!

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Am 24.02.2018 06:32 schrieb "Reema Chugani" <reemachug...@outlook.com>:


I am using Kafka 0.10.2.

I have multiple topics & consumers set up with ACLS such that consumer can
only read from a particular topic. I am wondering how I can prevent a
consumer from accessing metadata in zookeeper about other topics? i.e,
prevent consumers from listing or getting info about topics in the cluster.
(Not let marketing dept see the topic names of finance topics.)


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