Hi all,

I have a difficulty to represent an example of the calculation of the following 

Based on throughput requirements one can pick a rough number of partitions.

  1.  Lets call the throughput from producer to a single partition is P
  2.  Throughput from a single partition to a consumer is C
  3.  Target throughput is T
  4.  Required partitions = Max (T/P, T/C)

In the part Choosing topic/partition of this link:


Could someone explain to me the calculation ? By showing me step by step the 
calculation, plz ? I do not remember how the formula applies visually ...

Maths, are so far :-)

Example T = 20MB/S      P = 5MB/S     and  C = 3MB/S

==> Max(20/5, 20/3)  = ???   ==> 20/5 because is the maximum of both ? 
consequently I need 4 partitions for my topic ? But it does not also depend of 
the number of producers & consumers ?

Thank all.

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