I would use an absolute file path to property files when starting a mirror 
maker for --consumer.config and --producer.config to point to property files. I 
would also name the property files according to what would be used for, for 
example, I would prefix mirro maker property files with 'mm'.  Here is an 
example how I run mirror maker,     

sh <location-of-installed-confluent-kafka>/kafka-mirror-maker --consumer.config 

On 3/7/18, 5:11 AM, "Maria Pilar" <pilife...@gmail.com> wrote:

    hi everyone
    I´m using mirror maker tool and i´m configuring the consumer.properties and
    producer.properties, but i´m not sure which is the place where i need to
    put these files.
    Because mirrormaker tool is installed into the server with kafka manager,
    and they are two brokers configured as well
    I think that i need to put the files into the brokers /config folder
    can anybody help me please?

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