Hi all,

A Produce Request is composed of one or more Message Batches, each
belonging to 1 topic-partition.

My question is;
When a produce request is sent to Kafka, and if only 1 of the message
batches is problematic, what will happen to the other message batches? Will
they be lost?

Looking at the documentation, I see that certain error types are tied to
scenarios where an individual message batch fails.

Error code 18 for example;
RecordListTooLargeCode "If a message batch in a produce request exceeds the
maximum configured segment size."
(Error 18 is also not retriable.)

Will that mean that we have to go all the way to the client and put a logic
there saying if the callback reports a fail (due to a reason that has
nothing to do with the client's original message), reproduce the same

Is my understanding correct? I really appreciate some help.

Thanks a lot,


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