Hey, good day everyone,

another kafka-streams friday question.

We hit the wall with DSL implementation and would like to try low-level
Processor API.

What we looking for is to:
  - repartition incoming source stream via grouping records by some fields
+ windowed (hourly, daily, e.t.c).
   - and then apply custom Processor on grouped data.

Processor gonna do some overcomplicated version of record counting and need
persistent KV state store access.

The issue - neither KGroupedStream nor TimeWindowedKStream provides api to
hook processor into topology.

Just to show some code:

in.groupBy((key, value) -> .....)
   .transform(Processor) // Missing this one?

What our options to combine both? We were thinking that we can re-implement
grouping with low-level API after investigating source code, but looks like

Thank you.

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