Hello Matthias,

thank for your response. I will try to read the blog post today.

For the keys, not really, In fact, keys are always the same "symbol" of a STOCK 
example "YHOO", "INTC" and they never change.

Do you with I need to use another key ? Or add a timestamp to the key ?

For single stock join with multiple dividends, I didn't think about it before 
... is it possible ?

For join depending of timestamps why not, is it possible with windowing ?

Thank Matthias


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Check out this blog post that explain how the different joins work:

It's hard to give a general answer -- it depends on the context of your
application. Are keys unique? Do you want to get exactly one result or
should a single stock join with multiple dividends? Do you want Stock
and Dividend join depending the their timestamps?


On 4/8/18 1:34 PM, adrien ruffie wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have 2 topics streamed by KStream<String, Stock> and one KStream<String, 
> Dividend>
> I want to merge both object's informations (Stock & Dividend) and send to  
> another topic
> with for example <String, DividendStockJoin>
> The <String> key of 2 two topic is the same. I need to use, leftJoin, merge, 
> KTable, ...
> what is the best solution ? What do you think ?
> Moreover, how can I make sure the timestamp are pretty much the same? (for 
> merging same key at the same time produced) Example:
> KStream<String, Stock> --> key: "YHOO",  and one timestamp of record 
> 2018-04-08 19:56:30
> KStream<String, Dividend> --> key: "YHOO",  and one timestamp of record 
> 2018-04-08 19:55:27
> I need a Windowing ?
> Great thank & best regards,
> Adrien

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