when I run kafka streams applications for a period of time
and will be throw ERROR

.1) questions

 clientId=filter-StreamThread-1-consumer, groupId=filter] Offset commit failed 
on partition sample-1 at offset 68067604: The coordinator is not aware of this 
I check broker logs and found some warnnings

 Member filter-StreamThread-3-consumer-7ce502f2-51d6-4042-9ddb-ffdb0ed37894 in 
group filter has failed, removing it from the group 

the all broker is health.
why sometimes will be throw  this error?

.2) questions

brokers sometimes throw the WARNNing:

java.io.IOException: Connection to 1 was disconnected before the response was 

is it mens that the broker which broker.id is 1 is't health ?
but I check topic describe found all broker is well

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