Hi Amit,

This is from the broker config section of the very good documentation on the 
kafka web site: https://kafka.apache.org/0100/documentation.html#brokerconfigs

log.segment.bytes: The maximum size of a single log file (default 1GB)

log.retention.bytes: The maximum size of the log before deleting it (default 

My explanation:

The log.segment.bytes parameter refers to individual segments of the whole 
topic partition log on the broker. Kafka will create a new log segment for the 
partition once the segment limit is reached.

The log.retention.bytes parameter refers to the cumulative size of all the 
partition log segments on the broker. If this value is set, then kafka will 
purge the oldest segments until the total size falls beneath the maximum.

In your example, you will get a new topic partition log after only 100 bytes, 
and you can have up to 50 logs until total size reaches 5000 bytes. At that 
point the oldest logs will start to be purged.

-- Peter (from phone)

> On Apr 12, 2018, at 10:10 AM, amit mishra <amit...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all ,
> I am using kafka 0.10.
>        log.retention.bytes = 5000
>        log.retention.check.interval.ms = 6000
>        log.retention.hours = 24
>        log.retention.minutes = null
>        log.retention.ms = null
>        log.roll.hours = 168
>        log.roll.jitter.hours = 0
>        log.roll.jitter.ms = null
>        log.roll.ms = null
>        log.segment.bytes = 100
> Please let me know what does log.retention.bytes and log.segment.bytes
> denotes ?
> Regards,
> amit

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