We’re having a problem with a new kafka cluster at 1.1.0.  The problem is, in 
general, that consumers can’t consume from the different broker (old broker was 
0.11 I think).  The easiest recipe I have for reproducing the problem is that 
downloading kafka 1.0.1 and running console consumer can’t consume from the 
1.1.0 cluster while a 1.1.0 console consumer can.  We’re invoking console 
consumer like this:

bin/kafka-console-consumer.sh \
    —bootstrap-server [kafka server] \
    —topic [our topic] \
    —max-messages 3

That works for a 1.1.0 console consumer, but not for 1.0.1.  However, if we 
change that to:

bin/kafka-console-consumer.sh \
    —zookeeper [zookeeper server] \
    —topic [our topic] \
    —max-messages 3

Then it works for 1.0.1.

I was wondering, is the zookeeper schema published for 1.1.0?  I have a feeling 
that maybe something is wrong in zookeeper and I know earlier versions of kafka 
used to publish the zk schema, could there be a problem in zk?  if so, what 
might I look for?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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