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Hello Confluent,

I followed twice the docker quickstart on:
I used confluent CE

at Step 5
DESCRIBE EXTENDED pageviews_female_like_89;
we got the error below.
I thought maybe change java version, and tried it on openjdk and
oracle java version 10 and version 8
on 2 different machines running ubuntu 18.04
Both machines have only the neccesary software to run confluent
(docker, java and concfluent)
Some unclosable input stream problem.

ksql> DESCRIBE EXTENDED pageviews_female_like_89;
Error reading entity from input stream.
Caused by: Cannot construct instance of
``, problem: null
 at [Source: 
line: 1, column: 1110] (through reference chain:[0]->["sourceDescription"])
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

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