I'm testing kannel in windows, download and install cygwin, compile
gateway 1.4.3 and start kannel. Im using wavecom modem, usb, using
driver usb-to-serial and got COM16 in windows and works in kannel
cygwin using /dev/com16.

Incoming seems to be ok, but outgoing after 1 or 2 messages bearerbox
exited with last error printed:
<date time...> [5872] [-1] PANIC: gwlib/thread.c:142: mutex_lock_real:
Managed to lock the mutex twice! (Called from

I can re-produce error by receive 1 SMS, and then send, after that it
failed with same error.

I'm new to this list, dunno if kannel in windows is even supported in
this list, and perhaps this error could already be in the list.


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