I am currently trying to set up a program to receive mms/sms messages and store them to a NAS, here is what has been done thus far,

Kannel compiled from: /usr/local/src/kannel/gateway-1.4.4
Mbuni compiled from: /usr/local/src/mbuni-1.6.0
The NAS is mounted at /mnt/nas and is configured to mount on boot

Kannel and Mbuni startup/shutdown script written and configured to start on boot: /etc/init.d/kannel
Kannel configs: /etc/kannel (working)
Mbuni configs: /etc/mbuni (sample from online documentation)
Kannel passes all messages to a perl script at /var/www/html/index.pl via the kannel config variable get-url, that script writes all messages to a file on the nas as a log for now at /mnt/nas/sms_log.txt (you can look at that file on the nas if you want, including sending test messages and seeing them appear in that file)

This is what still needs to be done:
Review Kannel config for sanity, they work, but text messages take a long time to arrive.
Configure mbuni to work with Kannel and process all MMS messages.
Pass all MMS parts to the index.pl script or its replacement.
Update or replace /var/www/html/index.pl with a script that can process the MMS multi-part messages and store them on the NAS in the folders that you want.

I am looking to have this project finished in the next two weeks, if you are interested in completing this work, please send me a email. I would like to know how long to finish the project and the total cost. Thank you!

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