I had a similar problem. I checked that there were no queued messages,
stopped kannel, removed all the store files, started it again and had no
problems since, nor any kind of error, files were just recreated on start
(but small size)

On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 5:24 PM, Jeff Thorn <j...@thorntechnologies.com>

> Hello Group,
> I just experienced a very rare crash of Kannel. We are using the following
> settings for store type:
> store-type = file
> store-location = /var/log/kannel/msg-store.db
> After restarting everything, I noticed a very large (3 GB)
> msg-store.db.bak file.
> Kannel took several minutes to start back up after this crash during this
> time the CPU was nearly maxed out. I assume during this time, Kannel was
> processing saved messages from the store file. Is this correct?
> What exactly is in the contents of the msg-store.db.bak file? Did these
> messages get handled by kannel or did the database simply get saved for
> backup purposes. Do I need to do anything specifically to handle all these
> messages in the .bak file? Or is it safe to delete now that kannel is back
> up?
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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