Am 21.09.2016 08:25, schrieb Davor Spasoski:

I realized yesterday that the reason the allowed/preferred trickery
doesn’t work is because opensmppbox doesn’t pass smsc-id dynamically.
It’s either a static value using the route-to-smsc directive or it’s
blank if this is omitted. The whole point of my usecase was to have
different ESMEs routed to different smscs and all that by using a single
opensmpp instance (IP/port) due to specific circumstances of the case I
need to solve.

AFAICS, for this to work it needs development.

Hi Davor,

correct, the opensmppbox isn't able to handle such routing internally. For the purposes you intend to it's more suitable to use the commercial Kannel SMPP v5.0 server (smppbox), which is a true virtual SMSC solution allowing the same connection scheme, but with a major benefit in configuration ability and flexibility.

Please let me know if you would like to hear more details and we can arrange for a test-drive on your own system to get going.

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