Hi all,

am using a recent version of kannel and have problems with HTTP GETs
executed after receiving a DLR.

I got the code from svn but the VERSION file does not contain any version
number. The first line only read: 'svn'. The HTTP status page says: Kannel
bearerbox version `svn-runknown'. Build `May 8 2017 12:07:25'

The problem is as follows: it looks like kannel is buffering or aggregating
the HTTP GET that I have asked it to execute for each DLR. In doing so,
DLRs can be delayed for various seconds (up to 5-6 seconds) or lost when
traffic is high.

This behaviour is different from other kannel instances I have build on Jan
23 2017 10:23:30. All instances share the same mysql DB for DLR storage,
so, that can not be the problem.

So, my question is: has any queue or caching system been introduced into
smsbox HTTP GETs towards external resources? That would explain that
behaviour and overflowed buffer could explain the lost DLRs.

Best regards,
Giulio Giovannnini

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