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Unfortunately Open Overlay Router <http://openoverlayrouter.org/> (new rename of LISPmob) doesn't support EID mobility between xTRs. When you start xTR2 with the new EID, this one doesn't have the cache of xTR1 so it can not notify xTR3 that the EID has moved. We support mobility of xTR (change RLOC address) but not EID mobility. Nowadays we don't have any cli command to check the cache of the xTR.

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I have created a lisp setup using set of VM's (4 LISP VM's, 2 EID VM's).
With the intial setup, LISP is working (EID2 @ XTR3 is able to reach EID1 @ XTR1). but when i move EID1 from XTR1 to XTR2 (EID mobility) then EID2 @ XTR3 is not able to reach EID1@XTR2 As per the packet dumps, I do see all the packets are reaching to old XTR which is XTR1 (lispTun0 interface), assuming that mobility of EID1 is not reflected @ XTR3. How to resolve the issue, how to dump the XTR local catche? (Linux CLI command to see the RLOC to EID mapping @ MS/MR, XTR)
Please provide your inputs to debug the issue.
Attaching my setup topology, lisp.conf files.

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