On 10/13/2016 11:33 AM, OTX KS wrote:
> hi guys,
> i am using the latest Version of ciphermail and i am currently to enable
> that function for more than one "SubLocation".
> i have one global mta which receive and sent all emails to the Internet
> (external addresses) and i have local mta which are responsible for a
> specific subdomain.
> e.g location1.company.com works perfectly
> but how can i Setup right now and 2nd subdomain?
> e.g location2.company.com?
> postfix can handle it that with Transport tables...can i enable that
> function also with cipermail?
> have somebody already work with it?


I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Do you want to configure
transport tables for Postfix? If so, you can directly configure the
postfix config files. Not all options can be added with the GUI but you
are free to edit the postfix config files directly.

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