On 06/19/2017 04:11 AM, Paul Bronson via Users wrote:
> Hi All,
> I setup a new Ciphermail server and am getting some errors.
> Everything works except for the fact that I have my internal mail server
> relaying to the cipher mail server for PDF encryption but I am getting the
> following error:
> PDF encryption is disabled for the sender
> I have the following enabled: http://i63.tinypic.com/esuqma.png
> The configuration settings are extremely confusing. I want all mail NOT to
> be encryption EXCEPT for the subject tag set to [encrypt]
> If thats set, the message should get encrypted.
> Can someone help me out with which settings I need to turn on and off?

The MPA log should tell you why the email was not encrypted. The entry
"PDF encryption is disabled for the sender" from the log more or less
tells you why it was not encrypted :)

From your screenshot it looks like "PDF enabled" is not checked and
therefore disabled (hence the message in the log).

Some (most?) settings are sender *and* recipient settings, i.e., they
are checked for the sender and recipient(s). The main reason for this is
that this provides the greatest flexibility. You should therefore make
sure that changes are done for sender and recipients. The easiest to
accomplish this is to set the global settings because every user
inherits the global settings.

To configure PDF encryption with PDF with OTP password mode I suggest
the following steps

1. remove existing users and domains to make sure all settings are
inherited from global
2. Open the global settings page
3. Set all settings to inherit to start with a clean setup
4  Set "Encrypt Mode" to "No Encryption" (you want encryption off by
default unless encryption is triggered in some way)
5. select PDF "OTP enabled" (for OTP password mode)
6. Set "Encryption subject trigger" to [encrypt]
7. Select "Encryption subject trigger enabled"
8. Click Apply button
9. Click on "portal" link (the link to the right of S/MIME at the top of
the page)
10. On "Portal settings for global preferences" page set Base URL to:

Where the IP should be replaced by the IP or fqdn of your server
11. Click Apply button

PDF encryption with OTP mode should now be enabled. Email will only be
encrypted if the subject contains the keyword [encrypt]

Setting up the different password modes for PDF encryption is explained
in the following guide


The PDF version

Kind regards,

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