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> The DLP patterns are a sender only property. That means that only the 
> DLP patterns configured for the sender are taking into account. The main 
> reason this was designed to be a sender only setting is that it's 
> unclear how to handle recipient specific DLP rules if there are multiple 
> recipients of a message. You can configure the DLP rule for the sender. 
> However that means that if the message is sent to some other domain by 
> that sender that the DLP fires as well. If you do not want that you can 
> disable DLP checking by default for all domains and only enable it for 
> the sender and recipient domain you want the rule for. You might get 
> more flexibility by editing the xml mail flow file though.

thanks for your answer; but this wasn't my question ;-)

my question was: I'm looking for a way that will drop the delivery for
outgoing mails NOT having the word 'redfox:' in the body, something like
a inverted badword. Is there something in place to build a rule like this?

best regards
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