> Am 15.09.2016 um 08:04 schrieb Angelo Moreschini <mrangelo.fed...@gmail.com>:
> My router assigns dynamically the IP addresses to the computers in the local 
> network.

If your router provides DHCP it usually provides a DNS service as well. You 
should log into your router and check the menus. Which router model are you 

> That is a problem to use applications that require IP addresses of the other 
> computers in the network (i.e. managing network printers).

Printers with an Ethernet connection usually by default observe for DHCP before 
assigning a random IP. So your printer should get its IP from your router as 
well. Your printer most likely tells the router’s DNS also its symbolic name, 
most likely some combination of manufacturer and model. The printers 
configuration page will tell you, or you can have a look into the device list 
of your
 router which should show the IP address and the symbols name (smoother like 
e.g. „brother-mx“). So you might use that symbolic name in the printer 
configuration of your workstations.

> In other words, I would ask if, in linux environment, it is a  possibility 
> different to the setting up the router do assign static IP addresses, for 
> managing this problem ( for example  using DNS...)??

you can manually assign fix IP addresses to network devices. You router will 
find out by itself about IP addresses in use and won’t offer them in the DHCP 

Generally it’s a bad idea to mix devices with manually assigned IPs and devices 
using DHCP, at least if you have to manage more than 10 devices or so. After 
some time you forget some details and/or there is an update which changes some 
details, and you may run into issues. IT’s better to have a central management 
device, which is the router. Usually, you can configure the router to always 
assign the same IP address to a device depending on its MAC address.

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