Tom Horsley wrote:

> Read about it here:


Actually, I'm pretty happy with systemd h/t To think of the 
hours I used to spend finding out about daemons I never used 
and what they were for, setting them all up to either run or 
not run, etc... Sure, I suppose I learned a lot about the 
system, but I like that systemd just does it all for me and I 
don't need to waste my time on pointless tasks that a modern 
OS should be able to deal with on its own.

My old computers were afflicted with pesky stop job problem, 
too. I'm not sure if it is on my new one? I didn't realize 
that it was only on reboots and not shutdowns: perhaps that's 
why I haven't seen it lately? Or could it be fixed :-O

I dealt with it by making an espresso and then it was timed 
out. They go for 1'30". But, yes, it is frustrating when 
working on something and having to wait for the timeout.
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