On Sat, 2016-09-17 at 07:34 -0600, Greg Woods wrote:
> Thank you for that; I learned something useful by reading through that. I
> was curious because I have what may be a related issue in that,
> periodically, Evolution starts putting up popup windows for every *#(@(*!
> Google calendar in my list, asking for the password. I wish I knew how to
> turn that off. I don't use Evolution to access my calendars, I only use it
> for IMAP. Unfortunately the one thing Google still doesn't provide is a
> decent interface to PGP for reading encrypted e-mail; I still have to use
> IMAP for that. This is annoying enough to make me consider trying other
> IMAP clients, but Evolution does have a nice easy to use interface for
> reading and sending PGP-encrypted mail.

I suggest you ask on the Evolution list, which generally has more
useful feedback on Evo matters than the Users list (and is not limited
to Fedora). Remember to state your version of Evo (Help->About).

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